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History of the Czech Spas

The history of the Czech health resorts began many centuries ago. Over the centuries the baths were visited by many important personalities of social, cultural and political life. Above the springs, colonnades and pavilions were built, creating the greatest growth in the 18th-20th century.

In the 19th century, the carbonic acid water bath and the use of peat and bark were particularly impressive, some sources are suitable for drinking the mineral water. The spa resorts have become a center of cultural and social life, making them the salons of Europe. As a result, many highly modern customers came to the health resorts, including the giants of European culture.

In the 19th century the interest in the spa industry has grown and has caused the development of medicine and balneology. Balneology together with hydrotherapy have evolved to become the most important topics at the universities. This last point was the domain of hydrotherapy of Vincent Priessnitz, who founded the Jesenik Baths to his treatment methods in 1829. After 1989, visits to the doctor’s clinic were able to expand and regenerate.

During this time, the people visited the spas not only for reasons of treatment, but often as a precaution to rest and gain new energies also through the beautiful nature and favorable climate. For spa leisure guests, there are many cultural and sporting events and trips to nearby excursion destinations. This has improved all the combined therapies of spa guests.

The tradition of the Czech health resorts is therefore an inseparable part of European cultural heritage and enjoys great interest and respect.
Who of us does not want to spend a moment of relaxation to relax and recharge. Gain new energy with a chronic disease or physical or mental exhaustion of the organism.

All this can be done with a stay in a spa. The recovery of energy and health can thus be achieved together on a tour of the Czech and Moravian spa resorts. We find these exactly suitable for a health treatment and recovery.